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Heating Repair Service In Royal Palm Beach

At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating, we specialize in making sure that your heating system is ready for the colder months in Florida. If you have concerns about your heating system, or you need some preventative maintenance, our HVAC professionals are prepared to work on your heating unit!

Heating Repair in Royal Palm Beach, FL

If your home needs heating repair in Royal Palm Beach, we can come to inspect your heating system and figure out what repairs it needs. Sometimes things like poor air flow are the air ducts instead of the heat pump. You could hear noises or witness leaks coming from your heating unit, and these are good reasons to call us for heating repair services.

Other Signs of Repairs Needed

  • If you smell mildew, or you have high levels of humidity in your home, this could be a serious health hazard. We need to do an inspection and make sure you don’t have a mold problem.
  • Your heating unit is making noises like it is broken. We can inspect the unit and make the necessary repairs.
  • You can’t get the unit to turn on. If you’ve done all of the troubleshooting you can, then you probably need repair services to get your heat pump working correctly again.

Preventative Maintenance
One of the easiest ways to ensure you won’t need major repairs on a heating system is to make sure to get it serviced regularly. Preventative maintenance and heating services experts will make sure that your heating unit is cleaned and inspected well, so emergencies don’t happen.

Protection Plans
A protection plan for your heating and cooling system saves you money on services, and it provides you with preventative maintenance. It is easy to remember to get your heating system maintained when you have a plan that is for maintenance. You may also have a warranty that has specifics on how much you need to service the heating unit.

Heating Installation & Replacement
Our HVAC professionals can install new heating equipment at your home in Royal Palm Beach. If you want or need a new heating unit, we can help you match your needs to the latest equipment that is on the market. The best part about a new heat pump is that they are much more energy efficient than older units, so you should see savings on your energy bill.

Reasons to Replace Your Heat Pump

  • You can’t get your heat pump to work well, and you’ve had it repaired many times. This is probably a heat pump on its last leg. Choosing to get a new heat pump is a good option.
  • You want to save money on your energy bill. An old heating system can cost you much more than a new system because they don’t tend to be as energy efficient.
  • Your home is really humid. If you’ve tried to fix the problem, but your house is still very humid, you may want to invest in a new heat pump.
  • A HVAC technician said the repairs are more money than it is worth. If you are investing large sums of money on a heat pump, it may be easier to buy a new one, so you don’t have to worry about major repairs.
  • You purchased a new home, and you want to have your HVAC system updated, we can provide heating installation.

Emergency Heating Repair Services

We provide emergency services for people that have issues during extreme weather conditions or if the heat pump is dangerous in some way. This could be a leak that causes structural damage or an electrical smell. If you think you have an emergency, give us a call any time of the day or night, and we will be there to help you.