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One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating provides heating services for the community of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. If you live in the Palm Beach Gardens area and you are having an issue with your heat pump, we are available to do the repairs and preventative maintenance you need before winter.

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Preventative Maintenance and Protection Plans
Maintaining your heating system is imperative, so you can always have heat during the winter months in Palm Beach Gardens. We will come and make sure your heat pump is in good working order by looking for any repairs needed, cleaning the system, inspecting for wear and tear, and making sure that the heat is flowing into all of your rooms properly. We can also check your thermostat to make sure that your heat pump is turning on and off when it should. If you have any issues with ductwork or air quality, we can inspect that while we are servicing your heat pump.

A protection plan is a plan for your heating and cooling system that gives you preventative maintenance and tune-ups. You can also save money on other services or installation, depending on the plan you like.

Heating Repair Service Team

At the first sign of a problem, your heat pump should be repaired. Keeping up on the heating repair services you need is essential because if the repair isn’t serviced quickly, you may have to replace the unit.

Heat Pump Problems that Need to be Repaired

  • Your heat pump is producing strange noises. The noises could be a is a sign of a lack of lubrication, something is broken, a capacitor is about to fail, or something with the motor. A repair technician can determine the cause of the sounds and fix the problem if it is caught soon enough.
  • You can’t get your heat to work. If your heat pump only blows cold air, it should be serviced.
  • There is ice or frost forming. Ice or frost could be because of a leak, or your system may be too dirty to work properly.

Heating Installation & Replacement Service

Installing a new heating system is something our experts are happy to do for you in Palm Beach Gardens. Whether you install a heat pump or a whole HVAC system, we can help you get your entire heating installation done and working at peak performance.

Signs You Need a New Heating System

  • Your home is really humid. You may be able to get your unit serviced to stop the humidity. If it keeps happening, it is probably time for a new heat pump.
  • You repeatedly need to get your heating system fixed. If you are having so many problems with your heating system that it is becoming a constant issue, it is probably time for a new heater.
  • Your home isn’t heating properly. You may have heat in some rooms and not the others. Some rooms could also be way hotter than others that have heat but not enough. While this could be an air duct problem, it could also be an issue with airflow from your heat pump.
  • You are spending way too much money to heat your home. If your energy bills are on the rise every month, it may be time to get a more efficient system. A system that is more than 10 years old can cause you to spend more on electricity than you should.
  • You can’t control the humidity. If you keep getting your heat pump fixed, but it is still too humid in your home, you may need a new one.
  • You no longer have a warranty. An expired warranty is a good indication of needing a new heating system because of costly repairs. A new heat pump will have a new warranty!