AC Repair, Install & Replace Services
Beat The Heat! Immediate Response Air Conditioning Service & Repair Team Available Now In Jupiter

AC Repair, Service & Installation in Jupiter, FL

During the hot summer months in Jupiter, we are sure you want your air conditioner to work at it’s highest potential. Nobody wants a broken air conditioner, which is why we offer installation of new units, repair services, and preventative maintenance. We are committed to providing you with the high-quality AC services you need during the hot and humid months in Florida.

Air Conditioning Service Experts

Tune-up is a preventative maintenance service that we provide to keep your air conditioner working great. Your air conditioner is cleaned, the parts are lubricated, and it is recharged if needed. We also check for things that are broken or may cause future emergencies. Once your tune-up is finished, we make sure that everything is working correctly and your AC is delivering cold air to all of the rooms in your home.

Protection Plans
A protection plan helps you stay on schedule with preventative maintenance and sometimes offers savings for repairs and installation. Depending on the monthly plan you purchase, you may save a lot if your ac needs to be replaced or have extensive maintenance.

Emergency Calls
You can call our 24-hour phone line any time you feel like you have an emergency with your HVAC system.

Some Typical Reasons to Call for Emergency AC Service

  • Your AC won’t work at all. If you don’t have air conditioning in extreme heat conditions, some members of your household could get sick. Stay hydrated and give us a call.
  • There is a loud noise coming from your air conditioner.
  • Your air conditioner seems to be making everyone sick.
  • You notice noises in your ductwork and thing you may have a rodent or other animal. This is an emergency because of the animal or rodent droppings.
  • You have a water or refrigerant leak coming from your AC. Water can cause mold and structural damage. Refrigerant shouldn’t be leaking, so your AC should be repaired and recharged.

Do I Need AC Repair Services?

There are many reasons to need AC repair services in Jupiter.

  • You feel warm air coming out of your vents instead of cold air.
  • There are wierd noises or bad odors emitting from your air conditioning unit.
  • Your power bills seem to be getting higher, or there’s been a drastic change in your energy bill.
  • Your air conditioner is leaking.
  • Something damaged your air conditioner and now it won’t work.
  • You notice frost and ice on the pipes or AC unit.

AC Installation & Replacement Team

Instead of repair services, sometimes our customers opt for a new air conditioner to be installed to replace their old one. This can be for several reasons, but usually, it is because the current unit is too old to work correctly.

Why Should You Replace Your Air Conditioner?

  • If you want a more energy efficient air conditioner.
  • If you are tired of getting your current unit repaired.
  • Your current AC unit is more than 10 years old.
  • The warranty you owned for your current air conditioner has expired.
  • Your current AC is no longer working at all, and it is too expensive to repair.
  • You are not comfortable with your current air conditioner’s ability to produce cold air. We can also check your air ducts to see if that is the problem.
  • You are building a new home and need an entire HVAC system installed.
  • You are flipping a home and want to update the heating and cooling systems.
  • You want an air conditioner that is newer so you can save money on your monthly cooling costs.
  • Your air conditioner was damaged in a storm and isn’t able to be repaired.
  • The benefits of owning a new air conditioner are greater than the trouble your old one is causing you.