Indoor Air Quality Specialists
Dust, pollen, biological growth, household chemical vapors, and other indoor air pollutants can create respiratory illnesses, like asthma, especially in children.

Indoor Air Quality In West Palm Beach

The air in your home should be healthy to breathe. Sometimes there are circumstances in places like West Palm Beach, that lead to health concerns. Some indoor air quality problems are mold, allergens, dust, pests, and toxins blowing into the home. A sound air quality system can make it easier to live a healthy life.

Indoor Air System Installation
Our service professionals at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating can install a system that works to purify the air in your home of bacteria and other toxins. Many things in the air can make you sick, and our job is to provide the indoor air quality installation that is the most effective for your home in West Palm Beach.

A technician may install a UV light system to improve the quality of air in your house. This unit helps get rid of bacteria, germs, and other toxins that may affect your health.

You may also want an electronic filter. These filters work to pull more from the air than a standard filter.

To maintain your indoor air quality, make sure that your HVAC system is serviced regularly. Regular check-ups can alert technicians to problems you may not notice, like mold or animal droppings in your ductwork.

Indoor Air Quality Service
You can use a protection plan to get the benefits of having your HVAC serviced regularly. Indoor air quality service is a routine check to make sure that everything is working well and remaining clean.

Indoor Air Quality Repair
If you notice your air quality getting worse, an indoor air quality repair may be necessary. Contact our service professionals if you notice anything out of the ordinary with the air in your home.

You May Need Service if you Notice These Problems:

  • Damage to the ductwork or other components of your HVAC system. Damage can allow particles, debris, dirt, bacteria, and molds to take over. If your system isn’t working properly, it could be because of a hole or tear in the ductwork.
  • Someone has smoked or is smoking in the home. Smoke can make the air quality in your home unhealthy. Your filter may need to be serviced sooner because of the smoke.
  • If you smell odors that aren’t from cooking or cleaning. When the air circulates through your home, odors from normal things can be transferred to other rooms. If you smell a mold or mildew odor, it is time to get your air quality system serviced.
  • If it’s hard to breathe because of pollutants. You may determine that your air quality is low because of the way you feel, or there might be an odor.
    If you feel unhealthy or notice an odor coming from your HVAC system, call us to test your indoor air quality system. We can do the repairs or cleaning to make sure that your home in West Palm Beach has the excellent air quality you deserve.