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HVAC Repair & Service In West Palm Beach

In West Palm Beach HVAC systems should be serviced regularly. There are a lot of variables that are involved with heating and cooling systems that should have annual or semi-annual tune-ups as the seasons change. Making sure you are current with your HVAC service is a great way to have peace of mind.

Why You Need to Have Your HVAC System Repaired:

  • Your system is only working in certain areas. This may mean that you have a blockage or clog in your ductwork.
  • Your thermostat doesn’t seem to be controlling the cool are or warm air properly.
  • You hear noises coming from your heat pump or air conditioner.
  • Your home is more humid than usual.
  • There is too much condensation around your heat pump or air conditioner.
  • Ice or debris has dammaged your outside unit(s).
  • You can’t get your heating system or cool air system to funciton at all.
  • There is a bad smell coming out of your HVAC system.

HVAC Repair Services in West Palm Beach
If you call for an appointment or emergency, our team can come and assess why your HVAC system is not working correctly. You may need a tune-up, or we might have to fix something that is broken. We will detect the problem you are having and let you know how we will fix it. You will also be advised on how to replace parts of your HVAC system if they are not able to be serviced any longer.

Reasons For an HVAC Emergency:

  • A HVAC emergency is first determined by the weather outside. If it is extremely hot or cold, consider your system not working an emergency.
  • If you’ve checked the thermometer and everything has power to it, then your system needs to be serviced right away.
  • If there is a bad smell, like an electrical smell, turn off the power to the system and contact us immediately. If you still smell an electrical smell, it is wise to call emergency services exit your home.
  • If your HVAC system is making noises like popping or screeching, it is important to call us right away. Turn your system off and wait for one of our technicians to assess the problem.

One of the biggest causes of an emergency call for HVAC service is lack of maintenance. You can prevent this by getting regular tune-ups and maintenance checks. You should also only use qualified professionals to work on your HVAC system.

If you like being prepared, there are protection plans that cover services for check-ups and repairs that are needed. These protection plans are like an insurance policy. While a protection plan may not cover everything, it is a great way to remember that you need to get your system checked regularly. If you do have a good protection plan, it will even save you money on repairs when they are required.

If you think you need HVAC repair in West Palm Beach, contact our expert team!