HVAC Install & Replace Services
Replacing your old equipment can mean that you have a better quality of life because you may worry less about a system that doesn't work correctly.

HVAC Installation & Replacement In West Palm Beach

One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating in Florida offers services in the West Palm Beach area for those who want new HVAC installation or want to replace an old system. There are several reasons to replace an old HVAC system, the most common being that an older system isn’t working correctly.

Reasons for HVAC Replacement in West Palm Beach

  • Your system is many years old. You may want to replace your whole HVAC system to breathe easier in your home!
  • You are tired of calling someone to service your HVAC system. If you are constantly making calls to get your heating and air conditioning serviced, you may need to replace everything so you can have a well working system.
  • You may find that it is worth it to replace your whole system instead of dealing with a major repair needed. The technician servicing your HVAC system can give you ideas on how to replace your HVAC system versus repairing something that is a major problem.
  • If your current system is loud and makes noises, you may want to have it replaced. Some noises mean that there is a bigger problem than a noisy HVAC system.
  • You want to invest in something that costs less to run. A new HVAC system is more energy efficient than an older system. Replacing your old system can help you reduce the energy costs for your home.
  • You are concerned with the electrical system in your home. Older HVAC systems can sometimes have electrical problems. Older systems can also lead to things shorting out or even electrical fires.
  • You want to breathe cleaner air. Some older systems can make your air feel dirty. If you’ve had a tune-up and still don’t enjoy the quality of air in your home, you may need to replace your HVAC system.

Replacing your old equipment can mean that you have a better quality of life because you may worry less about a system that doesn’t work correctly. If there are issues with your electricity or ductwork, these things can start to become a daily nuisance in your home.

If you are not getting a whole system installed, you may need a new thermostat or air handler. We can replace your entire system or just the parts of your system that need HVAC replacement. HVAC installation can be only the parts you want to replace, or you can do everything so you can make sure it all is the same age and works well together.

You may choose to update parts of your system to increase the value of your home. If you are going to sell your home, changing a thermostat that is older to a new smart thermostat can be a big selling point to new homeowners in West Palm Beach.

If you want to update your home with a new HVAC system or install new equipment, contact us for an appointment to get an estimate and discuss your options for HVAC replacement.