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Heating Repair & Service in West Palm Beach

If you are in chilly weather and your heating goes out or isn’t functioning correctly in West Palm Beach, it can be an awful experience. There are a few things you can check before you call for heating repair and service. Some of these are simple fixes, but if you can’t figure out the problem, call our team at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating to get your home warm again.

What is a Heat Pump?
A heat pump is like an air conditioner, but it pulls heat from the areas around it and pumps it into your home. A heat pump works well in places like Florida because they are more efficient for the climate. Most homes in the West Palm Beach area will have a heat pump as part of their heating and cooling systems.

Is Your Heat Pump Overheating?
If you hear your heat pump turn on and off repeatedly, it could be overheating. You could have an issue with filter, the thermostat, or your blower. Heating service is necessary to figure out why your heat pump is malfunctioning.

Is Your Heat Pump Making Funny Noises?
Sometimes heat pumps will make odd noises when they need servicing. These noises happen because of many factors, such as something wrong with a belt, a broken part, or an issue with the thermostat. Getting your heating system serviced by a professional will give you the answers you need. Then, you can understand what those noises mean. While it is making noises that aren’t normal, having your heat pump repaired may save you the cost of replacing the whole thing.

If Your Heat Pump Isn’t Running, It’s Time to Troubleshoot!

  • Check your thermostat. If it takes batteries, they may need to be replaced.
  • Make sure your heat pump has power.
  • Check your fuse box to see if your heat pump or air handler tripped a breaker.
  • Check the heat pump itself to make sure it is truly not working. Sometimes, there are just certain rooms that won’t get heat, while others are fine. No heat in only a few rooms can be a blockage or clog.
  • If the heat pump is not getting power, and you can’t figure out why you may have an electrical issue.
  • Check the surrounding area of the heat pump. You may have debris, or ice built up around your heat pump, which may cause it to malfunction.

Maintaining Your Heating System Regularly
It is crucial to have your heating and cooling system checked regularly in West Palm Beach. Regular maintenance with a protection plan will keep your HVAC systems working stable during the harsh weather that comes through our area.

You should schedule heating service visits before the winter starts, so your home is ready for the cold weather. If you need heating repair, our team can help you decide how to repair your heat pump before you are without heat in the winter.

If your heating system will not work, and you checked your power and thermostat, call our team at 561-509-5320 for an emergency service visit.