Heating Maintenance & Tune-Ups
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Heating Maintenance in West Palm Beach

Maintaining your heating system is not only crucial for proper functionality, but you may need to do it to keep your warranty valid. Heating system tune-ups are a standard way of making sure that your system is ready for winter in West Palm Beach, Florida.

A Heating System Tune-Up in West Palm Beach
When you call our team at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating, we will come and give your heating system the tune-up it needs before temperatures drop. We will check how well your heat pump works and do what is required to keep it working at an optimal level.

What Your Tune-Up May Include:

  • A member of our team will check your air filter to make sure it isn’t affecting the airflow in your ductwork.
  • We will check the airflow of your unit to make sure it is at proper levels. If the airflow is not correct, we will adjust it.
  • We will check the moving parts of your heat pump. We will clean and lubricate the parts of your heat pump that need to be serviced.
  • Checking your electrical connections is an important part of heating maintenance. We will make sure these connections are clean and tightened.
  • Our service professionals will make sure that the evaporator and condenser coils are in proper working condition. We will clean and inspect these parts for any refrigerant leaks or grime.
  • Your ductwork will receive an inspection so you can be assured that air is running through your home properly and there are no seal leaks or connections that are weak.
  • Our team member will also look at your thermostat to make sure the whole system is working well.

When you consider what getting your unit serviced regularly can prevent long-term, the benefits of heating maintenance and heating system tune-ups are significant You may need to get your heating system serviced right away on a cold day, which is something harder to deal with because it is an unscheduled repair. Nobody wants to get stuck in the cold without a properly working heating system.

You can also benefit from maintaining your heat pump by saving money on your monthly energy bill. Tune-ups make your heating system perform at a better rate, which means proper maintenance could eventually lower your bills. If you have an older heating unit in West Palm Beach that hasn’t had a tune-up in a long time, the chances of reducing your energy bill are even higher.

A tune-up tends to prevent your heating system from breaking down in the winter. If you get maintenance for your heat pump before the cold months, we can make sure it is ready to deal with cold weather in an optimal way. Without a tune-up, you are operating a unit that hasn’t had to perform in cold weather for months. It may be dirty, and it could even have significant problems that you miss because it hasn’t been in use.

Contact us for more information on scheduling routine maintenance for your heating system, or a tune-up. One of our expert team members will arrive for the tune-up and happily answer any questions you have about your heating system.