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Heating Repair Services in  Palm Beach Gardens, FL

When the Palm Beach Gardens winter months roll around, you want to be able to run the heater in your home without any issues. Yet this is most often the time that homeowners find that their heaters are no longer working or are in need of professional repair services. At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating, we want to help you with these issues. With years of experience and technical training, we can provide your home with the highest quality Palm Beach Garden heater repair, maintenance, and installation services. No matter the brand or model, our staff can help you, guaranteed!

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What are symptoms of a heater in need of professional services?

More often than not, a heater will give warning signs before it breaks down altogether. Some of these common signs of a heater in need of repair include:

  • No Hot Air - The most easily detectable sign that you need professional services is if your heater is not producing heat. This can be caused by mechanical failures, which will require professional services to solve.
  • High Energy Consumption - If you only turn on your heater a few times a year, and it still consumes massive amounts of energy, then chances are you need professional care as soon as possible.
  • Strange Noises - If your heater makes noises during operation, there is a problem. Grinding, squeaking, and squealing, are some of the common sounds you will hear when there is a problem.
  • Bad Odors - If you turn on your heater and it blows out musty or foul smelling odor, you need professional care. There could be mold in the ductwork, which will need to be removed before proper operation.

These are not the only signs that can indicate a heater in need of professional care. If at any time you feel as though your heater needs service, be sure to contact our professionals immediately. With expert knowledge and skills, we can offer you professional Palm Beach Gardens heater repair services today!

How can a humidifier help you?

One of the disadvantages of running the heating system in your home is the fact that it removes a majority of the moisture in the air. This can create a dry and uncomfortable environment for you and your family. One way to combat this is through the installation of a humidifier.

Humidifiers regulate the moisture in your air, keeping the environment comfortable and moist for you and your family. Our experts can help you with all your installation needs in order to guarantee optimal functionality. Additionally, should you need maintenance or repairs in the future, we will be there to help you keep your system in perfect working order.

Why should you perform regular heater maintenance in your home?

One way to avoid issues with your heating system altogether is getting regular maintenance services performed. With regular maintenance you will:

  • Lower the risk of emergencies
  • Improve the efficiency of your heating system
  • Raise the air quality in the home
  • Extend the overall life of the system

We offer all our customers in the Palm Beach Gardens area our expert maintenance solutions year round. Whether you want to get your system ready for the winter, or you simply want to ensure that your system is in perfect working order, our professionals will go above and beyond to make it happen.

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Our Palm Beach Gardens Heating Services Include:

  • Heater Repair & Maintenance
  • Heater Installation & Replacement
  • Furnace Installation & Replacement
  • Furnace Repair & Maintenance
  • Heat Pump Services
  • Humidifiers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Thermostats

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