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Heating Repair Services in West Palm Beach, FL

The heating system in your home is a system that can add comfort to your home, but also inconvenience should it fail to work properly. Whether there is an electrical issue, or a mechanical one, a malfunctioning heating system can quickly cost you significantly in repair and energy costs. At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating, we are here to help! With years of experience, we guarantee high quality Loxahatchee heating services that won’t break the bank. We work quickly and efficiently to get you quality results without hindering your comfort.

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Is your furnace in need of repairs?

While most Loxahatchee homes may not use their furnace year round, there are times when it is needed in the winter. The last thing you want to do however, is realize there is an issue with your furnace when you actually need it to heat your home. Some warning signs to look for include:

  • High Energy Consumption - If you only power on your furnace a few times a year, but still see a huge spike in electrical costs, then chances are there is an issue with your furnace. Our professionals can inspect your unit and find the source of the issue before it’s too late.
  • Strange Noises - Rattling, squeaking, and grinding, are all noises that you do not want to hear during the operation of your furnace. Whether they are caused by mechanical failures or electrical ones, you will need professional services as soon as possible to find the source of the problem.
  • Unit Fails to Power On - The most obvious sign that something is wrong with your furnace is if the system does not turn on at all. This can be either a mechanical or electrical failure, which prevents the system from functioning as it should. Our professionals can find a timely solution for you to get you back up and running in no time!

At the first sign of these issues, be sure to contact our professionals immediately. With years of Loxahatchee furnace experience, we guarantee efficient and professional solutions at affordable rates.

Do you need a humidifier in your home?

One of the more common symptoms of running a heating system in your home is dry air. This can cause health and discomfort issues that need to be handled quickly. One way to combat this dry air is through the installation of a humidifier in your home. A Loxahatchee humidifier works by adding much needed moisture back into the air when running a heating system.

At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating, we have the skills to install these systems efficiently, to ensure they work in tandem with your heating system. With the use of a humidifier, you will no longer have to worry about dry air in your home during the winter months.

How can heater maintenance benefit your home?

Because the heater in your Loxahatchee home is not used often, it is important to keep it properly maintained to avoid future breakdowns. Our professionals offer full service Loxahatchee heater maintenance services which include:

  • Full system inspecting
  • Cleaning
  • Minor repairs
  • Conditioning of parts
  • System check

This maintenance service can be schedule on an annual basis, before the winter season, to ensure that your system is prepared to face the demands of your home during the cooler winter months. Additionally, we offer extensive heater repair services, which can be used on an emergency basis, to get you fast services whenever you need them most.

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At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating, our goal is to keep you and your family comfortable year round. While the winter months in Loxahatchee may not be the coldest, the need for a perfectly working heating system is still important. With our maintenance, repair, and installation solutions, we guarantee that your heating system will be prepared to face the winter months in no time!

Our Loxahatchee Heating Services Include:

  • Heater Repair & Maintenance
  • Heater Installation & Replacement
  • Furnace Installation & Replacement
  • Furnace Repair & Maintenance
  • Heat Pump Services
  • Humidifiers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Thermostats

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