Causes of a Broken HVAC Unit

What can be more frustrating than a broken HVAC unit? Plus, it never fails that the air conditioner will go on the fritz on the hottest day of the year, and the furnace will break down on the coldest and during a blizzard. Well, at least it can seem that way.

Here are the top five causes of a broken HVAC unit what you need to know to take the next steps toward problem resolution.

West Palm Beach Air Conditioning Installation & RepairTop 5 Causes of Broken HVACs

1. Unsettled, broken, worn parts- Older air compressors can make tons of noise, fans can break, parts can loosen, and over time, pieces can wear out.

2. Dirty filters- Whether disposable or permanent, filters which are dirty are clogged with a great deal of of dirt, dust, and possibly even some debris.

3. Broken thermostats or tripped breakers- These are relatively simple glitches that can throw a wrench into your whole HVAC system. The first problem of a broken thermostat means that your home is no longer registering correctly the temperature and therefore, not appropriately regulating the heating or cooling of the system effectively.

The second problem, a tripped breaker, means that the entire unit may be shut down from receiving power, and this just likely needs a flip of a switch, but either of these wall mounted gadgets can make things seem dire even when they are relatively easy to fix.

4. Leaking Refrigerant- When you see a leak, your unit may be running inefficiently and compromising the ability of the air conditioning to do its job properly.

5. Inappropriately placed dampers- The damper returns in your home are sometimes inaccurately adjusted for the current season which can make it seem like there is an HVAC problem when the issue is really just a logistical one where adjustments can be made easily.

What You Need to Know

Anything more than a filter or breaker should be handled by a certified repair person.

How to Handle Your Troubles

Contact your HVAC repair person as soon as possible so that your energy costs don't sky rocket, and you don't suffer in extreme heat or cold needlessly.

Most HVACs can be repaired quite easily and quickly. Sure, there are times when parts may need to be ordered or your service person may be backlogged, but in general, you can be comfortable before you know it.

With the help of One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating, you can take better care of your West Palm Beach HVAC unit. Just call (561) 537-5059 today, and feel at ease in your home.